Jkssb Syllabus for Agriculture 2024

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Jkssb Syllabus for Agriculture 2024

Syllabus for Agriculture Production and Farmer’s Welfare JKSSB. The J&K Services Selection Board invites online application from
eligible candidates for participating in the selection process for
District/Divisional/UT Cadre posts of Agriculture Production & Farmer’s Welfare

start of submission of form15-01-2021.
Last Date for submission 14-02-2021.
Syllabus for written testDownload

Centre of Examination:

The J&K Services Selection Board shall notify the Venue /Centre of
examination separately. No representation/ request for change in this
regard shall be entertained, whatsoever be the reason.

Scheme of Examination:

(I) The Examination will consist of Objective Type, Multiple choice
questions . The questions will be set in
English only.
(II) There will be negative marking of 0.25 marks for each wrong answer.

(III) Tentative Answer Keys, in due course after the Examination, will be
placed on the website of the Board (www.jkssb.nic.in). Any
representation regarding Answer Keys received within the time limit
fixed by the Board at the time of uploading of the Answer Keys, will be
scrutinized and the decision of the Board in this regard will be final. No
representation regarding Answer keys shall be entertained,
(IV) Marks scored by candidates in written test will be normalized if
required, to determine final merit and cut-off marks.

Syllabus for Agriculture Production & Farmer’s Welfare JKSSB

(i) Paragraph writing / Comprehension
(ii) Editing / Proof Reading.
(iii) Rearranging of jumbled sentences
(iv) Dialogue
(v) Narration
(vi) Models
(vii) Articles

(viii) Paragraph writing with blanks to be filled in with the following
i. Phrases
ii. Pronouns
iii. Homonyms/Homophones etc.
(ix) Clauses
(x) Punctuation
(xi) Synonyms and antonyms
(xii) Pairs of words and their use in meaningful sentences.
(xiii) Idioms and phrases.
(xiv) Uses of Prepositions
(i) Current events of National Importance.
(ii) International Organisations-UNO, WHO, WTO, IMF, Regional
Organizations and Blocs-BRICS, SAARC, ASEAN, G-20, G-7 etc.
(iii) Space Programme of India
(iv) India’s Automic Research Programme

(v) Honours and Prizes
(vi) Exports and Imports
(vii) GDP, GNP, Per capita Income etc
(viii) Weather, Climate, Crops, Means of Transport.
(ix) History, Geography, Economy and Culture of J&K UT
(x) Flora and Fauna of J&K UT
(xi) Rivers and Lakes J&K UT.
(xii) J&K Reorganisation Act, 2019

Syllabus for Agriculture Production & Farmer’s Welfare JKSSB

(i) Gravitation / Heat / Light / Matter / Acids / Salts / Elements / Cells.
(ii) Various sources of energy; conventional sources of energy;
improvement in technology for using conventional source of energy
(Biomass and wind energy)

(iii) Non-conventional sources of energy (Solar energy, Energy from
(iv) Physical properties of metals and non-metals.
(v) Chemical properties of metals like action of water, air, acids, salts;
Reactivity series of metals.
(vi) Occurance of metals; their extraction, enrichment of ores. Extraction
of metals in accordance with activity series; refining of metals.

(vii) Life processes: Nutrition and its types, Respiration, Transportation of
water, food and minerals in plants, Excretion with reference to
plants and animals.
(viii) Environmental pollution.
(ix) Ecosystem – Its components, Food chains and Food webs.
(x) Ozone layer, its depletion, Green House Effect.
(xi) Mendal’s contribution and experiments on pea plant.

(xii) Types of reproduction in Plants and Animals.
(xiii) Classification of Plants and Animals.
(i) Problems on finding Surface areas and volumes of combinations of
any two of the given cubes, cubiods, spheres, hemispheres and
right circular cylinders / cones. Frustum of a cone.
(ii) Problems involving converting one type of metalic solid into another
and other mixed problems.

(iii) Profit and loss
(iv) Simple / Compound interest.
(v) Linear equations with two variables.
(vi) Progression / BODMAS
(vii) Probability: Simple problems on Single event.

(i) Fundamentals of computer sciences
(ii) Hardware & Software
(iii) Input and output devices
(iv) Operating system
(v) M.S Word,M.S Excel, M.S Acess and Powerpoint Presentation
(vi) E_mail & Internet


(i) Number series
(ii) Letter series
(iii) Coding decoding
(iv) Direction sense
(v) Blood relations
(vi) Mathematical reasoning
(vii) Speed, Distance and Time
(viii) Statements and conclusions.

Jkssb Syllabus for Agriculture
Jkssb Syllabus for Agriculture

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