JKSSB Syllabus For FMPHW / MMPHW /ANM / Dai

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JKSSB Syllabus For FMPHW / MMPHW /ANM / Dai / Basic Health Worker

Syllabus for (Advertisement Notification No. 02 of 2021 jkssb)

JKSSB Syllabus For 02 of 2021. J&K Services Selection Board has advertised various posts vide Advertisement Notification No. 02 of 2021 dated 26-03-2021.
Accordingly, the syllabi for the posts was publised by JKSSB .

Post details

  • Post Name : FMPHW / MMPHW /ANM / Dai / Basic Health Worker
  • Marks :- 120
  • Negative marks:- -0.25 for each wrong answer
  • Time :- 2.00 Hours
  • Exam Date :- 15 july 2021 onwards.


Download the syllabus for the post of FMPHW / MMPHW /ANM / Dai / Basic Health Worker in jammu and kashmir health services .The exam is expected to be conducted after 15 july 2021

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Educational Qualification

As per the notification of the Jammu & Kashmir Services Selection Board, the educational qualification for these posts is 10+2 along with the required diploma for details check the official notification

Age limit

The maximum age for these posts is between 18 – 42 years on 01.01.2021. It is different for post to post. Age relaxation is available to reserved categories. Retired soldiers can apply upto 48 years age.

FMPHW Salary

Selected candidates on these posts will get a salary as per the post as given in the notification .However the pay scare of[5200_ 20200+1900]

Detailed syllabus of FMPHW / MMPHW /ANM / Dai / Basic Health Worker

Click here to download the pdf of syllabus for FMPHW / MMPHW /ANM / Dai / Basic Health Worker posts Jkssb .Below is the detailed syllabus for the post of FMPHW / MMPHW /ANM / Dai / Basic Health Worker

Audilogy (Marks 25)
✓ Sound and Hearing
• Definition of sound
• Generation and transmission of sound
• Physical and psychological attributes of sound
• Range of human hearing
• Structure of the ear, different parts of the ear
• Age-wise behavioral responses to sound
• Description of hearing
• Functions of hearing, role of hearing in learning

✓ Hearing Loss
• Definition and meaning of hearing loss
• Causes and types of hearing loss
• Effects of hearing loss
• Signs & symptoms of hearing loss
• Prevention of hearing loss
• Early identification and its importance
• Associated problems

✓ Evaluation of hearing
• Methods of testing hearing, tuning fork, audiometry, parts of an audiometer, audiogram
• Procedure for obtaining an audiogram, different types of audiograms
• Factors that affect hearing evaluation
• Informal testing, methods of screening and different conditions for hearing testing, use of
different stimuli in rural set/ups.
• Care and maintenance of equipment, preparation and maintenance of check list
• List of equipment, specifications for the same

✓ Hearing aids & Earmolds
• Definition of hearing aid
• Need for a hearing aid
• Different parts of a hearing aid
• Different types of hearing aids
• Earmold, role of earmold, making custom earmolds
• Selection of conventional hearing aids

JKSSB Syllabus For 02 of 2021

✓ Counseling on use, troubleshooting and rehabilitation
• Use, care and maintenance of hearing aid
• Trouble shooting and minor repairs of hearing aids
• Counselling –
On hearing aid acceptance, use and care
On auditory learning

On speech and language intervention
Home training
• Role of Speech and Hearing technician in relation to the school for the deaf/retarded,
special schools for spastics speech and hearing units and centres, other rehabilitation
centres, P.H.Cs.

• Organization of community awareness programmes, exhibition and selecting the materials
required, parent meeting. Team approach and role of speech and hearing technician in the
• Early identification, Therapy and follow up
• Government schemes available for the welfare of the handicapped
• List of addresses for referral points

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JKSSB Syllabus For 02 of 2021

Speech and Language Pathology (Marks 25)
✓ Introduction to communication, language & Speech.
• Definitions of communication, language & speech
• Interrelation between speech, language & hearing
• Prerequisites of communication: speaker, listener, speech chain
• Functions of communication
• Types of language: Non-verbal: signs, symbols, gesture. Verbal: speech
• Parameters of language: orientation to phonology, semantics, syntax & pragmatics
• Parameters of Speech: voice, articulation, fluency, prosody

Voice: pitch, loudness, quality;
-Fluency: rate, continuity, effort;
-Prosody: stress, intonation & rhythm
✓ Speech mechanism & speech production
• Structure and functions of the speech mechanism
Nervous system
Respiratory system
Phonatory system
Resonatory system
Articulatory system

• Description of the speech sounds
Manner of articulation
Place of articulation
✓ Acquisition / Development of Language and speech
• Characteristics of normal speech & language and communication
• Stages in the development of language and the important milestones
• Stages in the acquisition of speech sounds/ phonology & important milestones
• Development of communication
• Factors affecting the acquisition of speech, language & communication Disorders of speech and Language

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JKSSB Syllabus For FMPHW / MMPHW /ANM / Dai
JKSSB Syllabus For FMPHW / MMPHW /ANM / Dai

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