Mcqs on Neighbouring Countries of India

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There are nine Neighbouring countries of India. Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Mcqs on Neighbouring Countries of India are important for all competitive exams

Mcqs on Neighbouring Countries of India

India, the vast subcontinent with a rich tapestry of cultures, is surrounded by a diverse array of neighboring nations, each with its unique history, traditions, and geographical features. Understanding the geographical proximity and relations with these countries is crucial for students, travelers, and anyone interested in the region’s geopolitical landscape. We present a series of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) on Neighbouring Countries of India, designed to test and enhance your knowledge of India’s neighboring nations. From the majestic Himalayas to the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, these MCQs will take you on a journey through the intricate web of borders, shared histories, and cultural exchanges that shape India’s relationships with its neighboring countries.

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Mcqs on Neighbouring Countries of India

Q1. The currency of Bangladesh is?
A. Ngultrum
B. Natpyitaw
C. kyat
D. Taka

D. Taka

Q2. Which of the following Indian State shares its broder with Bangladesh ?
A. Andhra Pradesh
B. Assam
C. Kerala
D. Sikkim

B. Assam

Q3. Name the Parliament of China ?
A. National People’s Assembly
B. National Assembly & Senate
C. Tshogdu
D. Assembly of the Union

A. National People’s Assembly

Q4. Which of the following Indian State does not share its broder with China
A. Ladakh
B. Himachal Pradesh
C. Jammu and Kashmir
D. Sikkim

C. Jammu and Kashmir

Q5. China share Macmohan line with which of the following Indian State ?
A. Sikkim
B. Ladakh
C. Uttrakhand
D. Arunachal Pradesh

D. Arunachal Pradesh

Q6. What is the National language of Pakistan ?
A. English
B. Urdu
C. Arabic
D. Hindi

B. Urdu

Q7. Which of the following is not bordering state of Pakistan ?
A. Gujarat
B. Rajasthan
C. Panjab
D. Uttrakhand

D. Uttrakhand

Q8. Which of the following is mountainous landlocked country ?
A. India
B. Bangladesh
C. Sri Lanka
D. Afghanistan

D. Afghanistan

Q9. Which of the following Indian state is not sharing its broder with Nepal ?
A. Uttar Pradesh
B. Bihar
C. Chhitisgrah
D. West Bengal

C. Chhitisgrah

Q10. Which of the following is brodering state of Bhutan ?
A. Assam
B. Bihar
C. Tripura
D. Nagaland

A. Assam

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Q11. Which of the following Indian state does not shares its broder with Myanmar
A. Arunachal Pradesh
B. Manipur
C. Assam
D. Nagaland

C. Assam

Q12. Ceylon was old name which of the following country ?
A. Myanmar
B. Maldives
C. Bhutan
D. Sri Lanka

D. Sri Lanka

Q13. Sri Lanka shares maritime borders with ?
A. India and Bangladesh
B. India and Maldives
C. Maldives and Bangladesh
D. Bangladesh and Myanmar

B. India and Maldives

Q14. What is the capital of Maldives ?
A. Male
B. Thimphu
C. Naypyitaw
D. None of the above

A. Male

Q15.People’s Majlis is the name of which countries Parliament ?
A. Myanmar
B. Bangladesh
C. Maldives
D. Pakistan

C. Maldives

India and its neighboring countries notes

Notes on India and its neighboring countries:

India’s Neighboring Countries:

  1. Pakistan (West)
  2. China (North/North-East)
  3. Nepal (North)
  4. Bhutan (North-East)
  5. Bangladesh (East)
  6. Myanmar (East)
  7. Sri Lanka (South-East, Island nation)
  8. Maldives (South-West, Island nation)
  9. Afghanistan (North-West)

India shares land borders with:

  • Pakistan
  • China
  • Nepal
  • Bhutan
  • Myanmar
  • Bangladesh

India shares maritime borders with:

  • Sri Lanka
  • Maldives

Key Facts:

  • India has the longest international land border in Asia, sharing borders with 7 countries.
  • India’s longest border is with Bangladesh (4,096 km).
  • India’s shortest border is with Afghanistan (106 km).
  • The Siachen Glacier region is a disputed area between India and Pakistan.
  • India has unresolved border disputes with China over Aksai Chin and Arunachal Pradesh.
  • India and Bangladesh share the Sundarbans mangrove forest.
  • Nepal and Bhutan are landlocked nations, heavily dependent on India for trade and transit routes.
  • The Palk Strait separates India from Sri Lanka.
  • The Eight-Degree Channel separates India’s Lakshadweep islands from the Maldives.

The relationships with neighboring countries are shaped by historical ties, cultural affinities, security concerns, economic cooperation, and regional geopolitics.

Mcq on India-china relations

Here are some multiple choice questions (MCQs) on India-China relations:

  1. Which of the following regions is a source of territorial dispute between India and China?
    a) Aksai Chin
    b) Arunachal Pradesh
    c) Both Aksai Chin and Arunachal Pradesh
    d) None of the above
  2. The Line of Actual Control (LAC) is a:
    a) Officially demarcated border between India and China
    b) De facto border between India and China
    c) Temporary border between India and China
    d) None of the above
  3. The Doklam standoff between India and China occurred in:
    a) 2015
    b) 2017
    c) 2019
    d) 2021
  4. Which of the following bilateral mechanisms was established to improve India-China relations?
    a) India-China Strategic Economic Dialogue
    b) India-China Special Representatives’ Talks
    c) Both a and b
    d) None of the above
  5. The first informal summit between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Xi Jinping was held in:
    a) Wuhan, China
    b) Delhi, India
    c) Mamallapuram, India
    d) Beijing, China
  6. Which of the following agreements was signed between India and China to maintain peace along the LAC?
    a) Wuhan Summit Agreement
    b) Border Defence Cooperation Agreement
    c) Agreement on Confidence-Building Measures in the Military Field
    d) None of the above
  7. India and China are members of which of the following groupings?
    a) BRICS
    b) Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)
    c) Both BRICS and SCO
    d) Neither BRICS nor SCO
  8. The Galwan Valley clash between Indian and Chinese troops occurred in:
    a) 2019
    b) 2020
    c) 2021
    d) 2022

Answers: 1. c, 2. b, 3. b, 4. c, 5. a, 6. c, 7. c, 8. b

India and its neighboring countries questions and answers in Hindi

भारत और उसके पड़ोसी देशों पर प्रश्न और उत्तर (हिंदी में):

प्रश्न 1: भारत के किन पड़ोसी देशों के साथ उसकी स्थल सीमा साझा है? उत्तर: भारत के पाकिस्तान, चीन, नेपाल, भूटान, बांग्लादेश और म्यांमार के साथ स्थल सीमा साझा है।

प्रश्न 2: भारत का सबसे लंबा सीमा किस देश के साथ है? उत्तर: भारत का सबसे लंबा सीमा (4,096 किमी) बांग्लादेश के साथ है।

प्रश्न 3: भारत का सबसे छोटा सीमा किस देश के साथ है? उत्तर: भारत का सबसे छोटा सीमा (106 किमी) अफगानिस्तान के साथ है।

प्रश्न 4: भारत और पाकिस्तान के बीच विवादित क्षेत्र कौन सा है? उत्तर: सियाचिन ग्लेशियर का क्षेत्र भारत और पाकिस्तान के बीच एक विवादित क्षेत्र है।

प्रश्न 5: भारत किस जलडमरूमध्य से अलग है? उत्तर: पाक स्ट्रेट भारत को श्रीलंका से अलग करता है।

प्रश्न 6: भारत के किन पड़ोसी देशों के साथ समुद्री सीमा साझा है? उत्तर: भारत के श्रीलंका और मालदीव के साथ समुद्री सीमा साझा है।

प्रश्न 7: भारत और बांग्लादेश किस वन को साझा करते हैं? उत्तर: भारत और बांग्लादेश सुंदरबन मैंग्रोव वन को साझा करते हैं।

प्रश्न 8: नेपाल और भूटान क्या हैं? उत्तर: नेपाल और भूटान भारत के पड़ोसी देश हैं जो स्थलरुद्ध राष्ट्र (लैंडलॉक्ड नेशन) हैं और व्यापार और परिवहन मार्गों के लिए भारत पर बहुत अधिक निर्भर हैं।

प्रश्न 9: भारत के किन द्वीप समूहों को मालदीव से अलग करता है? उत्तर: आठ डिग्री चैनल भारत के लक्षद्वीप द्वीप समूह को मालदीव से अलग करता है।

Mcqs on Neighbouring Countries of India

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Name the 9 neighbouring countries of India?

The nine neighbouring countries of India are China, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Maldives, Afghanistan , Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka

Name the India’s largest neighbouring country?

The India’s largest neighbouring country is China. The area of China is 9.597 million km² and its population is 1.426 billion, while as India’s population is 1.39 billion

Name the smallest neighboring country of India?

The smallest neighboring country of India is Bhutan with its area 38,394 km². The total population of Bhutan in 2022 is 7.88 lakhs. Bhutan is known for its landscape. Hydropower and agriculture are major industries of Bhutan

Which countries share land borders with India?

India shares land borders with seven countries: Pakistan, China, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan.

Which country has the longest shared border with India?

Bangladesh has the longest shared border with India, stretching over 4,096 kilometers (2,545 miles).

What are some major territorial disputes between India and its neighbors?

The Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan over the Kashmir region.
The border dispute between India and China over the Aksai Chin region and Arunachal Pradesh.
The Siachen Glacier dispute between India and Pakistan in the Karakoram Range.
The maritime boundary disputes between India and Sri Lanka over the Palk Strait and Gulf of Mannar.

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