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Mcqs for all competitive Exams. A Great new way to practice MCQs with Answers for all competitive exams including JKSB, JKPSC, SSC, IBPS, UPSC,PSC and other mcq based exams.

A great new way to practice MCQs with Answers for all competitive exams including JKSB, JKPSC, SSC, IBPS, UPSC, PSC, and other mcq-based exams.

Mcqs on India

Best Mcqs on India. Mcqs asked in all competitive exams in India. Important Mcqs for UPSC, SSC, and various other state exams. Mcqs on Important Rivers and Lakes in India, Mcqs on Indian Geography, Mcqs on Physical Features of India, Mcqs on Soils of India, and other MCQs on India

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Mcqs on Jammu and Kashmir

Important Mcqs for various exams held in Jammu and kashmir. Mcqs for All Jkssb Exams, Jkpsc Exams .Best Questions on Jammu and Kashmir. Mcqs asked in all competitive exams of Jammu and Kashmir. Important questions for Jkpsc Jkssb, and various other exams. Mcqs on History, Mcqs on Geography, Mcqs on Culture, and other questions on Jammu and Kashmir. Complete Mcqs set for all jammu and kashmir service selection board exams

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Practice the best mcqs on every topic of general studies. Get prepared for all the exams that ask questions based on multiple choice.

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What is an Mcqs question


An Mcqs question is defined as Multiple Choice Question, in these questions the answer has to be chosen from the given option , generally four options are given and only one among the given four options is correct. What is an Mcqs question
The two components of a multiple-choice question (MCQ) are the stem, which defines the question or problem, and the alternatives or possible solutions, which include a key, which is the optimal response to the question, and a number of distractors, which are reasonable but inaccurate responses. Students reply to multiple-choice questions by selecting the option that they feel best answers the question or completes the stem. MCQs provide a lot of benefits when used for testing. The fact that the questions are simple to mark and can even be scored by a computer is a major benefit that makes them a desirable assessment method for classes with many students. A wide range of information and objectives can be tested with well-designed MCQs, which also offer an objective measurement.

Are all competitive exams MCQ based?

Almost all competitive exams administered in India today are computer-based tests (CBT), containing all questions with multiple choices (MCQ). In most MCQ GK questions, there are four possible answers; the contestant must select the correct one.
Also State PSC’s and other exams in state are conducted as multiple choice exams. Jkssb, ssc also conduct exams based on mcqs some times online and some times offline

What is CBT Exams

Computer based test

CBT stands for Computer Based Test. Multiple choice question test, when taken on a computer using internet is called a s CBT. These tests are usually conducted for competitive exams, in, which there are many candidates. This type of test s better than offline or paper based mcqs test, as it takes less time to analyze the answer sheet . So the result is declared in very less time.

Which is the best Mcq Question bank for GK

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