Parthasarathy’s Tamil play Aurangzeb- Facts , translations and more

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Tamil-language author and playwright R. Parthasarathy, sometimes known as Indira Parthasarathy or Ee. Paa, is from India. He has written and published 16 novels, 10 plays, essays, and anthologies of short stories. He is best known for his plays, “Aurangzeb”, “Nandan Kathai” and “Ramanujar”

Parthasarathy’s Tamil play Aurangzeb

The drama “Aurangazeb,” created by Indira Parthasarathy in 1974, accurately portrays the historical context that led to his rise and collapse.

Who translated Indra Parthasarathy’s Tamil play Aurangzeb into English?

T. Sriraman translated the Tamil play Aurangzeb of Indra Parthasarathy into English. Shahid Anwar has translated it into Hindi and Urdu. Tamil native K.S. Rajendran performed the play in Hindustani because he wanted the characters to come to life and the Mughal era to be brought to life.

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