Devil comet heading towards earth

A comet significantly larger than Mount Everest, known by its moniker “Devil Comet,” is on a trajectory towards Earth. Its official designation is 12P/Pons–Brooks, and it is a periodic comet with a 71-year orbit. Throughout this year, it has been a dynamic presence in the night sky. The comet is characterized by periodic outbursts occurring … Read more

famous Indian dancers

famous Indian dancers

Famous Indian dancers. These dancers have made significant contributions to the art form and are widely recognized for their skill and artistry. Questions related to their life, work, and achievements may be asked in competitive exams to test the examinee’s knowledge of classical dance and its practitioners. Here are the names of some famous classical … Read more

Parthasarathy’s Tamil play Aurangzeb- Facts , translations and more

Tamil-language author and playwright R. Parthasarathy, sometimes known as Indira Parthasarathy or Ee. Paa, is from India. He has written and published 16 novels, 10 plays, essays, and anthologies of short stories. He is best known for his plays, “Aurangzeb”, “Nandan Kathai” and “Ramanujar” Parthasarathy’s Tamil play Aurangzeb The drama “Aurangazeb,” created by Indira Parthasarathy in 1974, accurately portrays the historical context that led to his rise and collapse. Who translated Indra Parthasarathy’s Tamil play Aurangzeb … Read more

Facts and Questions about Dragon Fruit.

Facts and Questions about Dragon Fruit: A Unique and Nutritious Fruit Dragon fruit, also known as pitaya, is a tropical fruit with a unique appearance and a wide range of health benefits. This fruit is becoming increasingly popular around the world, and for good reason. In this blog, we will explore some interesting facts about … Read more